Five Dozen Mixed Roses In A Vase
A beautiful selection and amazing color-mixture of 5 dozen pinky and white roses in the vase will gi..
Five Dozen Yellow Roses In A Bouquet
Simple but not simple at all, 5 dozen yellow roses in bouquet is the best thing to anyone who is giv..
Big Giant Teddy Bear ( 5.5 Feet)
This big size teddy bear will leave a huge impression to anyone who receives it. With 5.5 feet  ..
4 Dozen Mixed Roses In A Vase
This combination of 4 dozen pinky roses and purple roses in one vase is suitable for any of your occ..
4 Dozen Red Carnations And Roses In A Basket
A lovely and warm flower basket full of orange and red shades. Four dozen of carnations are nicely m..
4 Dozen Red Roses In A Box
Looking for a way to send your love to the ones you adore? Look no further because this box of 4 doz..
Big Love (5.5 Feet Giant Teddy and Roses )
This combo of One GIANT TEDDY BEAR ( 1.6m height) and a bouquet of 1 dozen red roses is a gift any f..
You Are The One ( Combo : 1M Big Teddy + Roses + Chocolate
- 1 Ferrero Rocher Box ( 16pcs)- 1 Bouquet Of 12 Roses- 100cm Teddy Bear( LIGHT BROWN/ DARK BROWN, P..
Opening Ceremony Bouquet
Classic and elegant are words used to describe this bouquet. Gorgeous white lilies next to lovely sm..
Combo ( 80 cm Teddy + 1 Dozen Roses)
* 1 bouquet of 1 dozen Red Roses*80cm Teddy Bear( PINK/ LIGHT BROWN/ DARK BROWN, Please put the noti..
Honey ( Combo:60cm Teddy + Ferrero Rocher )
*1 box of  Ferrero Rocher ( 16 pcs)*60cm Teddy Bear( LIGHT BROWN/ DARK BROWN, Please put t..
Colorful Mind
A basket of colorful roses, they are so beautiful as real roses, besides, they could be kept for a l..
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